Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Archival Basic Black vs. Memento Tuxedo Black inks

You may be wondering - what IS the difference in these two inks?  I always though - meh...black is black is black.  After all of the trials and tribulations that we've gone through over the past 15 years with black ink pads, I thought the Archival was just another dud. 

Boy, was I wrong! 

I've had this ink pad for over a year, and haven't used it.  Then I was working on my Oh Happy Day card kit this weekend, and it had an Archival Basic Black ink spot included.  I figured...why not try it?  I was worried that it would wreck my stamps.  Well...it stains them, but they're not ruined at all.

Here is a picture of the two inks, stamped, side by side.  See for yourself.  The Tuxedo Black, which I have been using for years, almost looks grey next to the Archival Basic Black.  It's CRAZY!

Ignore my not-so-great stamping.  I smeared it on the left "hi".  Such a stark difference!

One thing that did not make me happy was that the Archival Basic Black REALLY stained my photopolymer stamps.  See for yourself.

That does not look cute at all.  This is after I cleaned it.  It looks like it will forever be stamping black, or gray.  NOT SO.  I went to my tried and true test - stamp it up in Yoyo Yellow ink (yes, from 15 years ago!) and stamp on white.  NOT a speck of black came up!  That's my gauge, and it passed the test.

Again, ignore my poor inking job, but you get the picture.  Bright yellow came out just as bright as it should.  No ghosting of grey or black.  Awesome!

Last picture.  I cut my stamped sample in half, so I could lay them closer to each other.  Doesn't the Memento look GRAY right next to the Archival Basic Black?  CRAZY, I tell you!

My lessons learned from this are that the Archival Basic Black ink pad is not my enemy.  It can be trusted, and does a better job that my old faithful.  Hence forth, I will be using it much more.

Also noteworthy is that the Archival ink pads (Basic Black and Basic Gray) are NOT the super inky foam pads, like all of the other colors.  These are the old style, harder, linen covered ink pads.  Still the same shape as the regular ink pads, but the pad itself is not squishy foam.  

Order your Archival Basic Black ink pad on-line here

Happy Stamping!


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