Monday, October 13, 2014

Framed "Inchy" Art - Halloween and Fall

This is my 3rd attempt at getting a good picture of this IN the frame, and it's not working.  Flash, no flash...this is as good as it's going to get.  I apologize for my lack of photography skills.  :)

Here they are, NOT in the frame - Halloween...

and Fall...

Connie Tumm originally started making these framed art pieces a few years ago.  I've been hunting for the square frames for 3 years, and finally found some this spring!  These are 8 1/2" square, and I found them at Walmart.

I'm not going to list every color, paper, stamp, punch, and doo-dad that we used for these, because there is a lot.  Some is retired, and some is not.

The point is that you can make one of these yourself, probably out of scraps and bits and pieces that you have laying around.  You want to create a little scene or little something for each square.

The squares are 2" x 2".  Then we mounted on White or Vanilla, then onto another layer, before putting it on the base piece.

Find a frame, and give it a try!  I love how they turned out!

Happy Stamping!


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