Sunday, June 15, 2014

More dsp treat holders - for just about any occasion

Here are some more ideas for the little treat holder.  These 4 came to my mind, so I just whipped them out and I like them!  Bridal shower (add a rhinestone BLING on that ring!), baby shower, Halloween party, or just any party - any time you'd like to say "Here's a little something to say thanks for coming."

And by "little something", I mean little.  These treat holders are absolutely darling, but they don't hold much.  3 or 4 mini pieces of candy, or a mouth full of M&Ms.  Just a little bit of chocolate to get you through. 

So I'm not going to list all the supplies that I used for these, but I am going to give you some guidance on making your own.

1.  Start with a piece of designer series paper, 4 1/2" x 6 1/2".  The small stacks come this size already, so they are perfect!  If you have to cut 12x12 down, you'll only get 3 from each sheet of 12x12.  That's not very economical in my book, but if you have big enough scraps laying around, you could certainly use those.  That's what I did for these ones.

2.  Along the long side, score at 1", 3", 4", and 6".
Turn it one-quarter turn (to the left or right, doesn't matter), and along the short side, score at 1".

3.  Cut along the solid lines shown in the picture above.  You'll end up with this.  See how the flaps at the bottom are cut?  Add sticky strip along that 1/2" tab. 

4.  Fold your treat box up.  I add another little bit of Sticky Strip on the last piece of the bottom, to hold the bottom together.

5.  Cut a matching piece of cardstock, 3" x 2".  Score at 1 1/2" like this:

6.  You can decorative cut the edges of this piece if you want.  Put treats in, pinch the sides in, and put this top piece on. 

7.  Punch 2 holes in the top - going through all of the layers, and tie ribbon through.  Finish with what ever decorative pieces you want to.

Happy Stamping!


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