Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Paper Pumpkin kits - got some done!

 I finally made time to work on some of my Paper Pumpkin kits!  Don't ask me what months these were from....  For the bicycles card, the bottom left hand card is what the kit suggested.  The others are my spin on them, using random other stamps from all of the Paper Pumpkin kits that I've received so far.

 Again, the bottom left card is the one suggested in the kit.  The others are my spin on them.
And finally, bottom left card, once again, is the kit's suggestion.  Can you tell I wanted to make some Valentine's out of these kits???

I didn't do anything fancy with these cards.  I only added very few other elements, only because I was making these kits at a crop and I didn't have all my "gear" with me.  :)



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