Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paper Bow with Oval punch

Wow!  How cute is this bow?  My friend, Gail, showed me how to make it this past weekend while we were stamping away in Minnesota.  It uses a strip of paper, and two punches of an oval punch.  I just tried this out with the Scallop Oval punch, and I like it!

I found the video tutorial!  Check it out here -

I made mine a little bit differently.  I punched through just the tip of the folded end of the strip with the oval punch - leaving it all attached.  I'll get a better picture this weekend.  Same idea though, just one less step.
Here's a close-up picture...  It uses one strip of 1" x 6" paper, (2) oval punches of paper, and a little strip to wrap around the middle. 

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